Take the right attitude to use cellphones

Thurman posted on March 05, 2017 at 16:39

Today, cellphone has been part of people’s live, they use cellphone to keep in touch with friends and family, cellphone is also very helpful in people’s work. As cellphone is so important, so people count on it so much, I think we need to take the right attitude towards cellphone.

Teenagers especially like to use cellphone, they can’t live without cellphone. Take my brother for example. He carries cellphone all the time, no matter what he does. When we are talking to him, he just lows down his head and says yes, I don’t think he is listening to us. When he is walking on the street, he still keeps his eyes on the screen. My brother is a typical cellphone user, I feel pity for him because he misses so many beautiful moment.

It is very a common situation for the young people to low down their heads to check on the cellphone. They don’t have the real communicate with others, it is not a good behavior. It is better to drop down the cellphone and see the scenery around us.

When Xiaojiang, Xiaowu and Wang Shijun were unable to do anything, Zhou Ying came. She looked serious and said her own idea - to Dihua to sell cloth. After listening to the four masters, I feel that this method may be fatal, and the risk is too great. The second master also said that the Wu family in Dihua's Shenglongquan did not open the situation, maybe there is not a place suitable for doing business.

Zhou Ying does not agree, even if he wants to lose money, he must do his best before closing the door. In this way, even if it fails, she can say that she has no conscience.
That year, the flower is opened in the round of the 32nd episode, Zhou Ying decided to go to Dihua to sell cloth.

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